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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smilin' Bob Riley and The Partnership of Shelby County, Alabama

Can someone please name another county in Alabama that Governor Riley has such a keen interest in that matches his interest in Shelby County, Alabama? If there is another county website with a picture like the one below from The Partnership of Shelby County, Alabama, what would they hope to convey with this type of image that seems better suited to a personal photo album than it does as the web presence of an economic Shelby County Chamber of Commerce committee? Does it mean to say come to Shelby County and climb aboard the Riley express to whatever you want?
Photo from homepage of shelbycountypartnership.org October 20, 2010. Pictured are: Heather Ruth Stripling, Jennifer Trammell and Lindsay Humphries with Bingo Bob.
Why is Governor Riley "tickling the ribs" of these women?

Additional information from The Partnership website;
Strategic Business Development
Mission: To promote the creation, expansion, and preservation of Shelby County businesses of all types and sizes through education, access to information and contacts, as well as assisting public and private efforts to improve the business climate in Shelby County while maintaining the quality of life Shelby County residents have come to expect.

We have written extensively on the environmental problems in Shelby County resulting from industrial development and business and residential developments. The EPA audit for the county outlines their extensive problems and has earned them a noncompliance notice for their stormwater management program (SWMP). In addition to citing the non-existent industrial inspections by the county that are having a detrimental impact on the county's environment. So, the question we have is what's their definition of "maintaining the quality of life" and what have they heard from their citizens about what "Shelby County residents have come to expect" in that regard?

If the residents were fully informed of what is really going on in the county and their environment we don't think they would be happy with the county's actions and the glaring lack of good stewardship in maintaining a healthy environment for its residents. Clearly, the county is more concerned with economic development at the cost of the environment. The EPA 2009 audit and CWA violations of some of the residential developments (linked in the R sidebar of this site) in the county illustrate that point with compelling documentations.

We took note of a tweet on Ms. Trammell's twitter page:
Shelby County Reporter | Vincent Town Council approves White Rock quarry request http://ping.fm/Zoctx

*(Parable of the Good Samaritan) 

More from The Partnership site;
About Us/Contact:
It is the vision of The Partnership to create a unified voice for developing the human, physical and financial capital to support the current and future economic vitality in the greater Shelby County region.

What is meant by the term human capital and how is that quantified? Is that a dressed up term for workers, similar to garbage men being described as sanitation directors?

Let's have some more fun with photos from the 2009 Partnership launch:
Jennifer Trammell in one of her more "professional" moments. Who was the bonehead who thought this photo portrayed anything business-like? It almost seems to say: "I told you I would get the Governor here, are my blood red, painted just for Riley nails in the shot too?"
C'mon Jen you know how much we like to play paper dolls together...
The absurdity is great comic relief and it just shows you what pillars of intellect and the razor sharp judgment these egotistical hand baskets possess that we have running this county. And as much cheekiness as we are applying to these images, we are not claiming there is any type of physical relationship going on between the Governor and Ms. Tranmmell, we're just having a bit of fictional fun with them.

We are going to close this with a question that is serious and deserving of not only of a good answer, but it also deserves some further investigation: Why does the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce employ Dr. Robert Wayne Nichols as a lobbyist for the SCC? (page #23) He's got one hell of a pedigree that's for certain.

Heavy hitters like this don't come cheap to a county that is claiming they have slashed their budget "to the bone" and cannot "afford pay raises." Between what the county jail spends for Pine Sol and what they are paying this fellow it starts to make sense why they claim those two "hardships" which affect everyday, hard working, average Shelby County workers, but not polished older gentlemen with cute little dogs.
(We'll agree with what you say on your Facebook page Doc, because we also pray everyday for "the strength to not slap an idiot" ourselves.)
Dr. Echols and dawg wishin' everybody a Roll Tide Christmas y'all! (Love the pom pom too)
The following municipalities and cities do not have COC lobbyists according to the 2010 Alabama Ethics Board registered lobbyist list: Montgomery County, Baldwin County, Jefferson County, City of Mountain Brook and the City of Vestavia Hills.

Shelby County is considered heavily politically connected, the pictures above prove some of that and what are the legislators and elected state representative for the county not able to accomplish in their own state house that an expensive, well-heeled lobbyist can? How much is it costing the county to employ Dr. Echols and what do they get for their money?

Why does the Shelby County COC require a lobbyist while there are none in the above communities listed where you might expect to find someone to represent their economic interests to the legislature?

It's a simple and valid question and probably, in truth and secrecy, one that has a complicated answer that we won't ever really know.
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    Until I got to the end, what the hell? A lobbyist???

  2. Indeed pictures are worth 10,000 words. I too would like an explanation for the hiring of an expensive lobbyist when no pay raises are being considered.

  3. The brazen arrogance just never stops with this county and they can count me as one really pissed off voter that will remember this next election. That entire nest in Columbiana and Pelham needs a sandblaster along with some swift kicks to their backsides for the crap they pull and are stupid enough to think no one really notices and REMEMBERS.

  4. What's with the frou frou dog and poms poms? It seems. well, I'm just sayin'you figure it out.

  5. I doubt the people of Shelby County have read a newspaper in the last 8 years and if they have, it doesn’t appear they understood what they were reading. (Corruption in Montgomery)
    This governor has been an embarrassment since the moment he arrived. I see no need for these fine people (pictured in this article) of SC who aspire to have a brush with greatness to give it up for this average corrupt politician. (Actually he is mediocre as far as criminal career politicians go).
    (Did anyone besides me notice the pooch favors that Echols man)?
    Dr. Echols on the other hand, being a praying Christian fellow (of sorts) like others we have known in years past, prefers to use his prayer time to reduce the abuse in the world. Thank goodness he is a praying man like Johnny Edwards, who bared some wisdom before the Vincent Town Council meeting on July 15, when they approved White Rock Quarries’ plans to build a limestone quarry within town limits.
    Within town limits. Yes. That would be within.
    He was quoted as praying, “Father, we can’t please everybody, but we can do what we think is right.”
    I agree Mr. Edwards. We do what we think is right.
    And just as Ms. Trammel on her twitter page, dropped a few scriptures, we too have a hankering to share a few of our favorite words, of course, my all time favorite for public servants and others in the political throes of greed, graft and corruption is as follows from Psalms 1:1.
    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
    I’m thinking their objective is the well-oiled machine is a superior plan. And they don’t actually require a lobbyist, they just really wanted one. As much as they want to be connected, there appears to be a disconnect. Reality check time. Perhaps it is past time.

  6. In picture 3 is it just me or does it look like the Riley suit clone may have his right hand somewhere it shouldn't be on Ms. Trammel's anatomy? The look on his face and her face just adds to the possibility.

  7. Let's pour a little more gasoline on the fire okey dokey?
    Left In Alabama has this up today:
    “Alabama taxpayers might find themselves feeling abused after learning that ever since she first took full-time public office in Alabama in 2002, Secretary of State Beth Chapman has held a second, taxpayer-funded job in Shelby County – all while collecting her $79,000-a-year paycheck,” Turnham said.

    When contacted about the new allegations, Chapman was in no mood to answer questions. She said her political consulting company, Beth Chapman and Associates has a contract with a charity known as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Shelby County and that she has managed the charity since 1997.


    Hayseeds, crooks and thieves all hail from Shelby County power group it seems.

  8. Which one is the DAWG and which is the POM POM?

  9. I think Carol is onto something with her comment. That sure likes some grab booty to me.


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