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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Revised TSA Security Pre-Flight Checklist--Boarding Pass, Picture ID & Pasties

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*Updated 11/16-11/23

Thanks to Big Sis Janet Napolitano and her New World Order TSA government goons terrorizing the flying public with their revised security regulations that command TSA agents to get way too personal with the kiddies, grandma and even nuns for God's sake we've come down to this:

TSA to investigate body scan resister
The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan.
Tyner recorded the half-hour long encounter on his cell phone and later posted it to his personal blog, along with an extensive account of the incident. The blog went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers and thousands of comments.
Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, called a news conference at the airport Monday afternoon to announce the probe. He said the investigation could lead to prosecution and civil penalties of up to $11,000.
TSA agents had told Tyner on Saturday that he could be fined up to $10,000.
“That’s the old fine,” Aguilar said. “It has been increased.”
If this is an example of "Change You Can Believe In" we'd rather not, thank you. We'd prefer to walk, crawl, swim, skip or jump than submit ourselves to this government mandated sexual assault.

What's next? Strip searches?
If you resist the scanners and pat downs, it's quite possible. 

What better way to make the public more compliant to the body scanners and new legalized groping than to "threaten" an even more distasteful alternative? Oh, and add "we''ll sue you" for resisting to the pile too.

Now step in here and take your radiation like a good little minion...
"According to the TSA, the radiation exposure is equivalent to being in an airplane for about 2 minutes. However, radiation experts from the University of California San Francisco, recently sent a letter warning President Obama's science assistant that the machines pose potentially serious health risks."
Report incidents here
National opt-out and don't fly day movement November 24th (the busiest travel day of the year.)

Three year-old gets her teddy bear taken away and is groped to crying by TSA agent. 

**Parents of all children under twelve years of age can ask the ticket agent when checking in if their child has been randomly selected for a screening. If there is a code on the child's ticket indicating they have been selected, ask the agent if your child can be deselected.

*Update--11/16 pm--Now they're putting their hands down fliers pants literally.
Big Sis turns up the heat: New super-enhanced pat-down more invasive 
Going through airport security this past weekend, radio host Owen JJ Stone, known as “OhDoctah,” related how he was told that the rules had been changed and was offered a private screening. When he asked what the procedure entailed, the TSA agent responded, “I have to go in your waistband, I have to put my hand down your pants,” after which he did precisely that.
TSA hit with lawsuits as revolt explodes!
New Jersey legislators to TSA in a hearing on Capitol Hill: "Contrary to what the TSA is telling you, you do not give up your Constitutional Rights when you fly."
Good for them!
Radiation issue is also talked about in the video. "Cancers will result." Good watch.

What one Dem Senator refers to the groping as "love pats":
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) supported the new screening methods, suggesting that people with hip or knee replacements will appreciate the changes.
"I have had my love pats every single flight I have taken, which is at least twice a week, for the last four years of my life, because I have a knee replacement," McCaskill said. "I am wildly excited about the notion that I can walk through a machine instead of getting my dose of love pats."
Bis Sis just after her  TSA "love pats." (Really, this is her happy face...)
You can't make this stuff up...
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??????
NYC Legislators get in on the revolt and call for complete ban of body scanners. (insert thunderous applause here.)

Why is the US media protecting Chertoff?

"No Dose of Backscatter Ionizing Radiation
Has Ever Been Proven Safe."
Russia Today points out an important detail being left out of most mainstream media reports about the new body scanning devices being rolled out in airports everywhere: former Department of Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, who has been advocating this technology on any news program that will have him is personally profiting from their implementation. As a Security Consultant and Chairman of the Chertoff Group, one of his main clients is Rapiscan, a manufacturer of these devices.

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security awarded contracts of US $160 million each to two manufacturers of these back-scattering devices, one which which was Rapiscan.

Beyond the issue of Chertoff's illegal advertising his product on news programs by pretending to be a public servant, there is some debate about the safety of these new Back-scatter X-Ray Body Scanning devices.

One former intelligence agent and present-day security consultant, Wayne Simmons appeared on Andrew Napolitano's "Liberty Pen" and said that while the device is an excellent tool, "There is no dose of backscatter ionizing radiation that has ever been proven safe," and that he would prefer to see only passengers who are deemed to be suspicious going through these devices, with the bulk going through the metal detectors, with which we've all become accustomed.

We're shocked about this revelation, really we are.

*11/19--Biden defends Bis Sis  

Former Governor has had enough.
*11/20--Gestapo TSA
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is warning that any would-be commercial airline passenger who enters an airport checkpoint and then refuses to undergo the method of inspection designated by TSA will not be allowed to fly and also will not be permitted to simply leave the airport.
That person will have to remain on the premises to be questioned by the TSA and possibly by local law enforcement. Anyone refusing faces fines up to $11,000 and possible arrest.

"Once a person submits to the screening process, they can not just decide to leave that process," says Sari Koshetz, regional TSA spokesperson, based in Miami.

Koshetz said such passengers would be questioned "until it is determined that they don't pose a threat" to the public.

*11/21--Eight year-old boy strip searched
               500 foot lines at Chicago's O'Hare airport
               Bladder cancer survivor humiliated and left soaked in urine
*11/23--Slate.com nails the TSA.
            DailyMail UK "Abused" TSA workers take revenge on passengers
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  1. How about one with a picture of Big Sis and some suggestive drooling?
    This is scary IOP (idiots on parade)

  2. The TSA launched their new Program to Examine Random Voyagers, or PERV this morning. SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! :-)

  3. SPN---

    Thanks! Real funny stuff!

    Here's a snippit for you readers, but go visit SPN Headlines for the full experience:

    "Several members of congress will be touring the nation's airports on taxpayer funded fact-finding vacations, and Senator Barney Frank (D-Ma.) said he will personally volunteer to be strip searched as often as possible."

    We have to make light of it right or we'll just wander around screaming, then who knows what other government goons will come after us then?

    Anyone know a good contractor to repair the holes in our ceilings from the tops of our heads blowing off the more we hear about this?


  4. What southeastern airports are these in?

  5. There are currently 204 of the scanners at 52 airports and the TSA plans to have a total of 450 in use by the end of the year. The scanners are paid for using federal stimulus funds.
    Knoxville, Memphis, Atlanta for certain, but there are probably others. I know people who have gone through Atlanta and they said it was hell on earth, that the TSA is a literal Gestapo worse than before and they won't fly again until this is settled some other way.
    They're trying something else, don't know a lot about it just yet, to condition us into accepting the body scanners(radiation injectors.)
    Some fliers report calling ahead and being told they were not there only to get to the airport and they were.

  6. It's only a matter of time before we have a "Harry Met Sally" moment show up on YouTube in one of these checkpoints.

  7. Spotted this morning:

    "Please have you genitalia out and ready to be fondled..."

  8. Heard on talk radio: While they're at it, TSA could just go ahead and perform prostate exams on the guys, right? As long as they're getting that close, they could perform the guys' annual finger wave. Maybe Bluer Cross would cover it, huh?

  9. This has gotten so far out of whack it's hard to fathom that we live in a supposedly free country. 9 billion a year lost in tourism because of the police state we've become from the TSA.
    This is absolute madness beyond all comprehension.

  10. I'll be damned if I fly anywhere until this communism STOPS!

  11. Either The TSA is paranoid about terrorism or deliberately destroying Americas' tourism industry


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