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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World-Class Jack

Cordova Mayor Jack Scott has single-handedly done for Cordova what no one else has managed in the 152 years of the city's existence--he's brought world-class attention to the town and it's nothing to be proud of. Unless you're Jack Scott.

We have often wondered why Alabama politicians have been so fond of the phrase "world- class." They throw it around in describing just about everything--bridges, budgets, ethics reform, mathematics programs, each other and the future of Alabama. It is almost like code speak for ' I pulled that off ' and when they use it, good intentions don't figure into any part of it.

Former Governor Riley was especially fond of saying this: "Ladies and gentlemen, the future is going to be exciting to watch, what will happen in Alabama is going to be a world-class movement of exciting changes."

Governor Riley doesn't know Jack Scott.

Cordova's Mayor Scott probably never thought, in his wildest dreams, that "world-class" and Cordova would have appeared together in anything, even on a hedged bet. He does seem to fancy gambling in some way because his obstinate, bull-headed, stuck in the 1950s way of viewing the world didn't go away with the initial outrage to his decision in banning FEMA trailers. Instead, he responded by doubling down, called the opposition and went out in public and showed the iron fist of who he really is to the world.

It was a bad bet.

Eyes all around the globe have watched the news clips of a town hall meeting in little Cordova. They got an up close view of the hard as nails Scott, a man seemingly devoid of the basic human capacity to feel empathy and one measly ounce of compassion for those he is charged with leading--his twice over tornado ravaged citizens.

The world does not like what it sees and Jack didn't count on all of this attention.

But he isn't moved one bit. He's dug in and hunkered down in his grand house of shame--proud of the I don't give a damn what anybody thinks walls that surround him.

And he's done talking about the whole thing.

Joe Johns Show CNN Newsroom May 30th:
We would love to talk to you, Mr. Mayor. Mayor Scott, we have been calling you a number of times the past couple of days. You have not yet returned our phone calls, but I invite you live here on national television to pick up a phone and call me, Brooke Baldwin here at CNN.

It seems to us that a man who claims he "wants to make Cordova better" would jump at the chance to have national and global media attention for what he claims is his excuse in disallowing the FEMA trailers--"We want young professional people to move in here to Cordova and better our town. We don't want to be a town full of run-down trailers, we want to move Cordova forward!"

He has the perfect chance to hawk little Cordova on a world stage and make himself a big deal Daddy in the process by changing his mind about the city ordinance. He just won't take that opportunity no matter who's calling.

Instead, he uses his supporters to defend him on social network pages with scripted responses that no one is reading. The main page folded in less than 72 hours of internet existence. Ol' Jack did stick his head up briefly enough to claim "Everybody has got it all wrong...they don't know both sides of the story."

That's what he said--when he was talking.

Tell us what we have wrong Jack.

But Jack has nothing else to say and he's still at the table of I'll take my odds.

And the reason he isn't showing is because he's got a side bet with big coal.

Everyone has to make sacrifices, even Jack. And he's going to make sure Jack comes out ahead even if it causes him embarrassment far and wide.

What does he have to gain if he gives in and does the right thing? What's the payoff for him in his view of the situation?

Not a single lump of coal or one ill-gotten dollar.

*Update--'Talk' is starting to reach a 'compromise'   Or maybe not.
*July 5, 2011--Reed Materials files for coal mining permit on land owned by the Cordova Industrial Board. 20 jobs predicted.
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  1. Love it Max!!!!!!

  2. He's in the big pond now trunks or not.
    What do you think the chances are that he is catching some behind the FEMA trailer grief from the boys in the shadows to not cave in?
    Bet he is.
    Whatever happens now, it's too late for him. The families might get a trailer, but he'll find some way to even the score. I would take that bet.
    He has to go!!! All of the city officials do!!!
    This has shown way too much of what is so wrong to be right any other way.

  3. I have heard rumors of the compassionate Christian Dr. Dr. Bentley getting ready to ride in on the way too late horse named Help.
    He should have nipped this in the bud before it went this far.
    Now it's political rather than humanity.
    Great job there Dr. Hunt. Not!

  4. "The local government might have a perception problem on their hands."
    No, really? They do?
    hahahahahahhahahaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

  5. As batty as it might be this reminds me of a soul song by the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose; Jack singing**** "It's too late to turn back now I believe I believe I'm falling in coal"
    "Coal" was "love" in the original tune

  6. ROFLMAO Ria! I can hear that. Probably true too!

  7. World Class Jack-ass!

  8. Jackie man is feeling some heat alright and it isn't from the common folk of Cordova.
    I think you're onto something Max. Especially with the history of coal and the juice jockeys Alabama.

  9. Bentley is going to do anything that isn'r carefully contrived to make sure the mules plans don't get exposed. Might say he won't do Jack.

  10. Jasper paper reports that Jeffie Sessions rep is the go between and Scott will allow campers, not FEMA trailers. More to this will come out soon. Let's see. I never trust the first reports. Watch out for a trick or two.

  11. Has anyone looked through the deed records?
    There is a lot of good information floating around if you know where and how to look.

  12. I have another idea H. has anyone seen the city contracts with the coal boys? Maybe the record of meetings too?

  13. You have to always read between the lines with coded newspaper stories.
    Something's up.
    Way to whack the Jack Max!

  14. No news is saying Bentley has already shown his willingness to use the pressure of his office......but no meeting has taken place between him and Scott.
    Somebody's got him on the leash big surprise.
    This smells to high heaven of political posturing.

  15. All roads of corruption and collusion lead to coal and coal fired power plants and JS is in it up to his redneck.
    "Shepherd’s Bend would be a 1,773-acre surface mine situated on a meander of the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River. According to Drummond Coal, the owners of Shepherd Bend, LLC, which has the permit to operate the mine, the coal in the area is a highly valuable metallurgic coal, used in coking and steel production. The mine would require 29 outfalls for its wastewater, some of which would be only 800 feet upstream from a large intake facility for Birmingham’s water works."

  16. He's acting like a man who doesn't like sunshine coming in the barn.

  17. He's a two-for---the man he is and the man he should be.

  18. Cordova is the portrait of Big Mules and Branch heads.

  19. Baxter you really summed it up with one sentence!
    For those who don't know, branch heads are the working stiffs, usually poor and I think we all know who and what the mules are; Alabama Power and Drummond Coal among others.
    They want Cordova and a bunch of underclass, their view not mine, country folk are an inconvenience.
    It's plain as the nose on a face what's up with this. You folks living there really want to keep your town you're going to have fight real hard for it.

  20. You guys have been on fire lately! Keep it up!!!!
    Btw, Riley just might know Jack, I get the intention though. Jack and Riley seem more similar than different that's for sure.

  21. Wow, a lot of comments on Huffington Post story! That's impressive! It looks like it got kinda heated towards the end and commenters just started dropping off. Pity. Some have a hard time getting past their own stuff to see the forest for the trees. Y'all are putting up a good fight, keep it up!
    PS I never did get a response to my offer to help in some way from your last article. Guess they figure they got it covered. Wish 'em well either way.

  22. City Council Meeting tomorrow (Thursday) night in Cordova.
    SC Girl thanks for having your heart in the right place! We do appreciate it.
    Some of our folks mean well, but some of them are just not very good at watching what they say to an audience that's a lot bigger than what they realize.

  23. There's one in every bunch that thinks they know it all and wants everyone else to know how smart they think are. It's not about that, it's about something so much bigger, citizens rights. It's about the truth and caring for your fellow human beings.

  24. Maybe the Mayor will be ready for prime time after some coaching. His debut after all was dreadful!

  25. If I weren't convinced before of what Scott's motives are in Cordova before, I am now after the flash meeting being reported in the news today. He'd rather fight than switch. Gee, who does that remind us of? That's straight out of the mules playbook.
    As far as the opposition group goes, looks like there is a takeover of some kind going on and it's splintering the effort. I think the best thing they can do is keep things together and be careful about what direction they are going to move in next. The best leader is probably the one who doesn't talk too much in public and does a lot in private.

  26. Facebook page for Cordova against Scott has turned into a bad joke!
    One person shooting off their mouth about how important they are, what they know better than anybody else and arguing with every fencepost in sight about every nail in it!!!


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