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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Governor Bentley "Fires Back" at NY Times Article on Alabama's 'ALEC Styled' Anti-Immigration Law

Updated 11/17
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley sat for an interview with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelley this afternoon to respond to a November 13th NYT article about Alabama's HB 56 passed into law earlier this year. Alabama's law was modeled after Arizona's anti-immigrant law and the same xenophobic mindset was present in both state's laws from the shadowy group called ALEC.

The Fox News interview with Kelley revealed that Decatur Utilities has been cutting off electric, gas, water and sewer service to immigrant families under the guise of following HB 56. Huntsville Utilities is set to follow suit:
The human toll of the policy could be devastating, said Stephen Stetson, a policy analyst for Alabama Arise. He heard about DU’s policy Saturday while listening to a radio station playing Christmas music.
“I’m listening to these songs about charity and compassion,” Stetson said. “It struck me as a cruel and ironic policy as we head into the coldest months of the year.”
The governor feigned ignorance of that fact (the story came out 6 days ago) and repeated over and over that HB 56 "is not racist." He goes on to say that "if the federal government would do their job we wouldn't have to pass these kinds of bills."

It's compelling to note that Governor Bentley considers himself a man of God. He's bragged about being a deacon in his church and labels himself one of the compassionate Christians the state GOP party defines itself by. If the law, as he claims is not racist (debatable), then at the very least it is completely heartless, an economic disaster and utterly devoid of compassion:
“People who have their power cut off are going to be among the most disadvantaged,” he said. “It’s kicking them when they are down.”
He worried about the health ramifications of the policy and the impact it would have on immigrants’ ability to care for their children, many of whom are U.S. citizens.
“Opponents of the law see it as self-evident that the element of human tragedy is a sign the law is defective. They need to remember the law’s supporters see it differently,” Stetson said. “It’s designed to make life more difficult. By destroying households and families, it’s doing that.”
The highly controversial (and equally religious) main sponsor of HB 56, Senator Scott Beason, lost his committee position earlier today according to a press release put out this morning by Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh-R. Beason was given the opportunity to resign his post and he refused to do so resulting in the Senate Committee on Assignments ousting him from his powerful position.

Beason's replacement, Senator Jabo Waggoner-R, is another story of corruption out and corruption in that we''ll cover soon. In the meantime, the passage of HB 56 is widely viewed as the harshest anti-immigration bill in the country, and we believe Governor Bentley didn't do the state's tarnished image any luster by signing it.

In the following interview, Bentley comes across as meek and unable to intelligently articulate a credible argument for what he did when he signed that law. It is a law that was straight out of the ALEC legislative handbook. Kansas Republican Kris Kobach conceived Alabama's law in a turkey blind in Kansas before handing it off to Senator Beason.

Kobach (and ALEC) were also the forces behind Arizon'a anti-immigration law and many of the voter ID laws across America:
Kansas Republican Kris Kobach, who along with ALEC itself helped draft Arizona’s anti-immigration law, has warned of “illegally registered aliens.” ALEC’s magazine, Inside ALEC, featured a cover story titled “Preventing Election Fraud” following Obama’s election. Shortly afterward, in the summer of 2009, the Public Safety and Elections Task Force adopted voter ID model legislation. And when midterm elections put Republicans in charge of both chambers of the legislature in twenty-six states (up from fifteen), GOP legislators began moving bills resembling ALEC’s model.
*Update: (Kris Kobach is helping to "coordinate the state's legal strategy" for defending HB 56 and is accusing the DOJ of "overplaying it's hand" by demanding enrollment records to see how Alabama HB 56 has affected schoolchildren. Our question is: Who's paying Mr. Kobach and from what fund source?)

Where are we going in Alabama Governor Bentley and who (and what) is leading the way? Upright elected officials of high character and ethics, or men (and women) who are following the orders of the ever elusive ALEC organization? We're continuing to ask the question your office refuses to answer: Are you a member of ALEC?

It's not a tough question. Why won't your office answer it?

The same question to you, Senator Waggoner, now the head of legislation in the state legislature, are you still a member of ALEC, and how will that affect your positions on what legislation comes up and passes into law?

Alabamians deserve some transparency and answers to what the "new republicans" agenda is based in. Governor, you promised the citizens of this state "complete transparency" from your administration and that you would "not be beholden to lobbyists or special interests" during your 2010 gubernatorial campaign:
"The people of Alabama deserve a Governor who is responsive to the needs of all the people, not just the well connected.
....ensure complete transparency in the efforts of special interests to influence public policy so that voters can decide whether their representatives are serving their needs, or the needs of campaign benefactors.
I have never been, nor will I ever be, beholden to lobbyists or special interests;
I will make our state's government one of the most transparent in the country by creating a strong executive branch code of ethics for myself, all cabinet officials, and our staffs."
We believe it's time for you to stand and deliver on those promises you made to Alabamians when you stumped for our vote. From your actions in office so far, what we're seeing is you are willing to tell us what you think we want to hear, meanwhile, you're going along with ALEC's agenda and believing that no one will catch on to who you really serve.

Matthew 7:16--By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

The jigs up Dr. Dr. Bentley. Consider yourself caught and "ALEC Exposed."

*Update 11/17: Bloomberg Business Names Alabama's Biggest Loser
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  1. ...cutting off electric, gas, water and sewer service...this is a disgrace in this state. What a bunch of bullies!

  2. Keep kickin' butt and pulling back the curtain team!

  3. For a state that claims to be flat broke the guv and legislature doesn't seem to have any problem putting us on the hook for a few million to defend this Bull Connor of a mean law.

  4. I'm surprised they didn't roll out the water cannons and let loose on the protestors today.


  5. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15
    This farce of governor is no more godly than I am a monkey's uncle. He's not done one damn thing while he's been in office to help the working stiffs except stiff us some more. All Montgomery cares about is corporate money, the irony is they are too stupid to realize that corporate welfare is not profit!!!
    Stick it to the citizens and make them pay and pay and pay.

  6. i'myourhuckleberryNovember 15, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    Hey Alabama have we got sum jobs fer ewe now that them dad burn Mexicans is gone!
    chicken slaughtering
    tomato pickin'
    rich white folks gardening
    cow killin'
    crap cleanin'
    All for pennies a day!
    What a joke these repugs are.

  7. C'mon now Doc saying it's not racist is such a load of bull even your supporters admit to it behind the scenes. If you polly's could have added blacks and poor people to the law you would have. Goat Hill is nothing but a cesspool of corruption and racist elitists. I wonder who got Roger Bedford to come on out and support the Jabo pick too.
    Suck up much Rog?
    As for you Barney Fife in the guv's house, you aren't fooling anyone.

  8. Promises, promises. I am wonderig now what Gov. Robo is thinking about all those promises now? I bet this well educated man, by his own claims, is not thinking. Not about his promises to the people of Alabama. Looks like he is thinking about that AGENDA of the Team Red Boys, the GOP. So far, has this man done one thing he said he would do if elected? Just one. And now this hateful law which appears to not be legal, passed by the moronic legislature and signed by this Einstein of a governor continues to be upheld by the igmos as if it is a very good thing. What idiots!

  9. Mr. Bentley we do know what's in your heart.
    Now we all know who's in your ear.
    Good work Max.

  10. Are we back to the three fifths compromise?
    "My intention is to enforce what's already in place in federal law," Beason said. "I make no apologies. I'm trying to do what I feel is best for the people of Alabama.
    What about the children of these immigrants who ARE US CITIZENS Senator Beason?

  11. In the Fox interview, is Gov. Bentley saying he believes more than not, the law passed in Alabama is a reasonable policy? Hey now! Wait a minute. You think the Congress would pass a law just like this one? For goodness sakes!

    Leave the domestic help alone in the south. Whatever shall we do without our domestic help? Those good so-called christian legislators looking out for the wealthy in this state was the least they could do. Seems fair to me. Am I getting this right? Is this reasonable? What a mess.

  12. Domestic help is exempt from the law.

  13. Do we have a problem that's been shoved aside and not addressed with illegal immigrants in the country?
    Is the answer to strip people of their dignity in the name of political beliefs that are rigid and unmoving?

  14. Jeez what a cobra nest this state has become.

  15. Looks like some republican lawmakers are crawdaddyng on the bill they passed with malice and no forethought citing unintended consequences.
    Maybe if the bills they vote on were actually written in Alabama and not corporate America they may stand a snowball's chance in hell of understanding them.

  16. The man doth protest too much.
    Racist is as racist does.

  17. The Southern Baptist God must forbid compassion to your fellow human and Alabama ideologues are only too happy to bend scripture to suit their ends. I think one of them said that religious law and the law don't always run on the same rail. That actually made sense but was said for expediency. Their problem is that all law should run on the holy judgement train.
    Lesson learned about church deacons being suitable gubernatorial material.

  18. ALEC is the driving force, script writer. Look behind the curtain.

  19. What a difference a day makes. Now we're hearing at least one company has cold feet about setting up shop in Alabama because of HB 56.

    Greg Canfield says it isn't so.
    Greg Canfield is an ALEC member.

    Immigration Law May Cost Alabama A Key Economic Recruit

  20. Mr. Canfield would say it isn't so. Don't they pay him to say whatever they want him to say? That's my take. He is not qualified for that job.

  21. Attorney General Strange please tell us who is financing Mr. Kobach's assistance, how much he is being compensated and if taxpayer dollars involved.
    I would also like to know why Mr. Kobach is being paid to assist legal strategy for Alabama when we have plenty of capable lawyers right here.
    Transparency from your office please.

  22. Hourly rate in 2006 was $250.00
    I don't understand why we're paying the SOS of another state for "legal strategy."
    This reeks bad.


  23. Let's count now how many laws Alabama passed that came from Kobach and ALEC--two so far that we know about.
    Twitter is a wonderful invention that amuses me greatly. For instance, tonight in Kansas Kris Kobach is giving a speech at a fundraiser. The young Jace Mills is tweeting from the event.

    "Alabama copied Kansas photo I.D. law word for word. Isn't that cool?"
    2 minutes ago

    Jace Mills Twitter

    No Jace. It isn't at all cool.

  24. hahahaha good job people. This is fun stuff.
    Way to go.

  25. Kris Kobach, a senior Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration who helped draft the Alabama law and is helping coordinate the state’s legal strategy, said the law prohibits consideration of race.

    Is this shades of Karl Rove? Or what? Or more like who? ALEC? Or all of them?

  26. On July 14, 2011, the LA Times announced that government watchdog Common Cause would issue a challenge to ALEC's nonprofit status, on the grounds that ALEC "spends most of its resources lobbying, in violation of the rules governing nonprofit organizations."


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