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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Federal Indictments in Alabama: One Down Ten to Go--Lobbyist Massey Pleads "Guilty"

Jarrod "the snake" Massey
As a result of the FBI probe into Alabama corruption and bribery involving lobbyists and elected officials, which netted eleven suspects, one has now decided to admit his guilt in an effort to save his no good hide from a stiffer penalty.

Mr. Massey is the founder of Mantra Governmental (page by cache status only) and the following is from the site on their ethics:
MANTRA Governmental is proud to be a leading provider in Alabama’s government relations industry in the areas of ethics and operating standards. We practice and maintain an internal ethics program maintained by counsel that exceeds the ethical requirements of our industry. All MANTRA professionals are required to participate in the program which includes annual training on the rules and guidelines regulating the government relations industry in Alabama and abroad.
To be blunt, it appears Massey has sort of shot all that to hell hasn't he?

Former popular Alabama legislator (a white dem, a rarity in Alabama, who served as a republican governor's floor leader) William F. "Noopie" Cosby, Jr. counts Mantra Governmental as one of his lobbying clients. (page 20 0f 84 Ala. Ethics Comm. 2010 lobbyists) What does this say about "good guy" Mr. Cosby?

You can read more about Mr. Massey, his recent plea and his admissions of who he bribed (and how much) here. We thought some of the comments following the story were interesting and we would like to include some of them below before they possibly disappear from view, which happens frequently with Al.com. (Readers also tell us their accounts no longer work for commenting and they get a "session timed out" constantly.)

"Massey acted on his own and is now making a plea deal. What a jerk. This guy used to sit at the bar at the Renaissance Hotel and run his mouth about how much of a big shot he is and talk about his shady exploits over shots. The more this buffoon drank the more he talked. He is nothing more than a bag man with a big mouth."

"Massey is a womanizing, loud mouth, drunk who would gallivant around Alley Bar and the Renaissance Hotel in his girly red little convertible with his "Lobby1" license plate. Then this idiot gets indicted and goes and buys a Porsche! How stupid can you be? He is a loose cannon."

"Who can trust anything Jarrod Massey says? He is a paid liar. Didn't any of you ever see the movie "Thank you for Smoking"? That's all lobbyists do. Lie. Lie. Lie. And apparently Massey liked to drink and womanize too. I've heard all kinds of stories from my friends who live in Montgomery and saw this pig out at bars. He is a lying, cheating, sack of manure and deserves to rot in jail for both his involvement and his ratting."

These comments are an accurate reflection of what the public thinks about "paid liars" like Massey. Montgomery is full of these smarmy types who are ticks on the dog of Alabama politics. Together with the corporations they represent, they are bleeding the state of millions of dollars every year. 

Why is this allowed to happen? 

Lobbyists have a lot to do with it.

Our new governor has signaled his willingness to continue this process with his close affiliation with super lobbyist Michael J. Davis of Balch & Bingham, among other individuals with controversial histories he has surrounded himself with.

You cannot move forward with new ideas surrounded by minds that are rooted in the past.
This is one of the main reasons that there will never be true ethics reform in Alabama--it would cost these lobbyists their power, the legislators their perks of office and strong accountability and true transparency would sweep all of that away. 

It's ingrained into our political process to be corrupt, on the take and morally bankrupt. In fact, it seems to be a job requirement for political office.

Politicians in Alabama are content to stay with what and who they know and the familiar to them rather than expanding their thinking and ideas to new ways of doing things. This is what makes the prominent claim of Alabama's republican super majority of a "new day in Alabama politics" disingenuous on its face.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"

Mr. Massey is merely a reflection of the atmosphere of Alabama politics. Men like him flourish because they are allowed to thrive in a calculated environment that makes it possible.

Left In Alabama did an excellent posting on the DOJ investigation complete with links to the actual documents. A very interesting read!

Speaking of sordidness, here's a riddle for you folks in Alabama, especially the Vincent area:
What do a married WRQ lobbyist, Tuesday afternoons and barely dressed babes in short plaid skirts all have in common with each other?

A correct answer wins the photo solution.
*(we have a winner, enjoy your photo and we hope you will put it to good use!)
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  1. Sordid indeed.
    Is Alabama hell bent on destruction? Do they enjoy being the laughing stock of the nation?

  2. Who's going to roll next? Massey is a reprehensible figure and I have zero sympathy for him, but there are many more just like him who have yet to be caught.

  3. This is only the tip of the iceberg and watch the press continue to beat the gambling drum when the real truth is this is going on with almost every issue in Montgomery. If it hurts the republicans who have been dismissed by the elite leaders of the party, they are only casualties of war and so be it. But it's still a game of distraction and the uncaught culprits are hoping throwing the FBI some bones will end further scrutiny.

  4. Scotty boy Beason has skated by wearing a wire and helping the feds hmmmm..doesn't that seem to suggest they caught him a compromise too? Wearing a wire usually means you have made a deal to save your ass. It's not a voluntary it was my idea first option Beason. You're not fooling anyone.

  5. Beason was caught in something "questionable" but we've never heard a word about it have we? It'll come out sooner or later.

  6. Snake Man, snake oil, porsches....hahaha. This one "paid liar" and the other "paid liars" will cover for one another as long as it pays.
    Speaking of paying...who did they pay to write this? MANTRA Governmental is proud to be a leading provider in Alabama’s government relations industry in the areas of ethics and operating standards...And who are they trying to kid? I think they are clowns. We should all send them red clown noses for Christmas.

  7. Don't we still have some "unnamed legislators" in play here? What's this going to mean for the rest of the rats (lobbyists) on the ship (state house)? The FBI should have the entire legislature under a microscope until further notice.

  8. Only absolute stupidity and a boatload of arrogance buys a new Porsche right AFTER indictments are handed down.
    What's Massey think he is, a character in Goodfellas?


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