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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Political Jackwagons Round II--Rep. Jim McClendon-R Springville and Supporting Cast

On a local radio show this morning, Springville's little big man confirmed his ongoing malady of hoof and mouth disease and removed all doubt to listeners that he is a jackhole without a clue of the ability of Alabama's citizens to recognize legislative BS disguised as "true ethics reform."

If you missed it, you missed quite a show from one of Alabama's talkers who is 99% of the time in the tank for the Republicans. We consider him to be a jackhole too, who is quite full of himself and one of the most condescending and argumentative big mouths to ever sit behind a microphone. Look for Senator "bonehead" Beason to host his show on Friday. Yes, really, a buffoon of a politician who has had his tail kicked all over Alabama for his limp rag lobbyist bill was the only possible choice to fill in for Friday's show.

That's another story entirely--state sponsored radio.

Back to McClendon. Here's a little (in essence) excerpt from the show about the supposed loophole repair by "sausage maker" McClendon that came about because of Beason's ineptitude: (slight paraphrasing)
Host:  "Representative McClendon why didn't you include a reporting requirement for the legislators and the gifters to them that would require that they report everything? I mean how are the people going to know who's giving what to our legislators without a reporting requirement?"
McClendon:  "The people will catch them. My opponent in the next election will catch it. If anybody down here does anything wrong it will go before a DA and the Ethics Commission and they'll prosecute it."
The host was incensed about this and let McClendon know about it in no uncertain terms. Good for him, finally! Callers that followed this exchange once again showed the goats on the hill that they are smart enough (despite Beason thinking they aren't) to know a pig in a poke when they see one. It is not the people's responsibility to follow these jerks around and be the police patrol of ethics when they screw up. But if that's the way they want it, we could oblige them. We'll be happy to post any verifiable information and photographs that serve the people and transparency.

Be careful what you wish for Mr. McClendon.

We surmise that the host took a harder line because the show that follows his was covered in a CBS 42 News story on Monday, and since Mr. loud mouth is such a publicity whore he caught on quick and changed direction with today's show. The end result was a benefit to the folks and we applaud that despite our suspicion that his motives were rooted in self promotion of himself and his self important talk show.

Here's the problem with McClendon: he's been in office too long and has gotten far too comfortable running unopposed and unquestioned, but each campaign cycle he raises $200K plus for reasons we still don't understand. It may not be illegal, but it smells. He's got a Napoleon complex and he isn't afraid to use it every chance he gets. But this morning he let his mouth overload his behind because he was confident that this radio host would play softball with him as he does with all the Republican legislators who come on as guests. McClendon ended the call with : "Matt, you know you're my hero...." Translation: I know you'll cover our behinds like you always do.

Rude awakening today wasn't it Representative McClendon?

A caller spilled the beans on the "best kept secret in the state house" called the Joe Ron Room on the sixth floor of the legislative building. That's a playpen that the legislators retire to for a little fun and frolic with their lobbyist nannies who allegedly ply them with alcohol in a building that is not supposed to allow alcohol.

We've heard stories from sources inside this room when the fun was flowing full tilt that one day we may reveal if our lawyers will clear it. These boys don't like having their dresses pulled up and they'll come after you with every attack dog they can whistle up, so caution is prudence.

But we know and so do others.

Representative McClendon fails to mention that he is on the House Ethics Commission Committee and its members are elected/appointed by the legislature. It is a body that is similar to the fox watching the hen house and it would be illogical to presume that this body would take any harsh action against its own. Nice try though Jimmy boy.

The other problem that media outlets refuse to discuss, as did Mr. McClendon and every other jackwagon on Goat Hill, is that the penalties for ethics violations are weak. It does no good to give the EC subpoena power if you do not strengthen the penalties. It's a job half done and they know it, but why the media doesn't pick up on it baffles us. Well, not really. They're all puppets for the masters and their oily PR men (and women, with one up and coming to watch: Stephen Bradley's daughter Hallie Bradley with Alabama Power.)

Tune into the audio from the Alabama State House today for more from Jimmy boy and his playmates to see how this goes along. So far, it's been more entertaining than reality TV to listen to the braying from the floor of these jackasses that strut around as the sharpest show ponies in the arena of a "new day in Alabama politics."
Senate audio *(recessed until 10:00 Tuesday night CST)
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    This is better than Peyton Place........LOLOLOLOLO...RFLMAO....WHEEEEEEE!

  2. That was so far out of character for Murphy I checked the tuning to make sure I had the right show. Still can't believe he went after a republican.

  3. OMG not a clone of Bradley, I hope. That would be tragic if his poison went on and on. Uh Oh. Uh Oh. UH OH!

  4. # Riley urged House members to pass the bill so the Senate may concur. Thx Rep. Jim McLendon and Sen Bryan Taylor for their leadership. about 21 hours ago via web

    # Riley: "The bill adopted by the committee restores integrity to the lobbyist reform proposal and to the anti-corruption package as a whole." about 21 hours ago via web

    I just bet he does love the McClendon proposal. BTW, who did Taylor work for before he was recently elected?
    This is so transparent a blind man could see it.

  5. Just went up from AP at MA:
    The Alabama Legislature has passed the first of Gov. Bob Riley's seven ethics and campaign finance bills.

    The Senate voted unanimously Tuesday for a bill banning legislators from hiding "pass-through pork" in the state budgets. The bill passed the House earlier and now goes to the governor for his signature.

    In the past, legislators have been able to put extra money in a state agency's budget without allocating it for a specific purpose. Instead, they would have a private agreement with the agency director that the money would be spent on a project chosen by the legislator. The governor's bill makes it a misdemeanor, punishable by up to three months in jail, for an agency director to participate in those agreements.

    Proves your point Max, PENALITIES ARE WEAK! No real deterrents anywhere in sight.

  6. He also said that non profits could do what they want to. Music to the ears of the devils that fiddle.

  7. FLASH over at Doc's:
    Bentley may appoint Alabama AG Troy King to judgeship

    God help us all if that happens.

  8. If these radio rock-heads don't get down off of the high horse named EGO they will never get the glory they want, lots of listeners.
    We are sick and tired of the water carrying crap that goes on day after day ad nausea!
    But you never know that because they screen the calls to their side and don't let listeners make their points without cutting them off or arguing them into submission. It's disgusting the slant they show!
    Yes, I especially mean you Matt Motormouth!

  9. We need to hear more about the Boom Boom Joe Ron Room Max. What the hell is going on in there?

  10. Patience HT Patience.

    They got busted on that one finally. Let's see if the media and the people will apply some pressure...


  11. I hereby nominate the Alabama Tea Party for the Jackwagon runner up award.
    They are clearly in bed with the republican old guard (Waggoner) and the new whipping boy (Beason.)
    So much for their claims of reform.

    DannyBJoyner Tea Party please support Sen.Beason & Waggoner on their efforts to clean this mess up..don't believe the lies of the left. #WKRG about 1 hour ago via web

  12. Th State of Alabama is in the liquor business so that fun room works out nice in more ways than one. I bet it's busy at Christmas time with all the liquor reps and their holiday promotional goodies. What a damn joke Alabama has become.

  13. Hey radio bots, worry a little less about sucking up to legislators as potential guests and stupid best of anything ratings and serve the public who has no voice that is not compromised in Alabama. WE'LL FOLLOW YOU IF YOU GIVE US A VOICE AND GIVE US THE TRUTH!

    Murphy is planning to have a parade of legislative mules tomorrow morning.
    Listen (if you can stand his sucking up) for the cursing of the AEA deductions while we ponder the question of why a Dr. would give up his career, mortgage his home, spend a lot of his life savings, and not take a salary all for a job that pays less than 200,000 a year.
    It couldn't be about the perks of office could it? The underhanded way the republicans work the system too huh?
    Nah, couldn't be. They're republicans and we all know they walk on holy water.

  15. New day in Alabama politics is code speak for we got away with another one.

  16. Mr. Murphy goes to Montgomery:
    mattmurphyshow I may have some cell numbers on soft GOP reps! Who needs to be called? about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
    The Matt Murphy Show mattmurphyshow If the GOP can't beat AEA with this many In their stable, they can't beat AEA. This test is everything!! Tweet in! Who is soft? Who to call? about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

    He does deem himself important doesn't he?

  17. Senator Waggoner is on the floor singing the praises of Jerome B. Williams being appointed to Alabama A&M Trustees Board (Riley pushed for him)
    Waggoner claims he's a man of ethics and is a good man.

    Mr. Williams is not a good man, just ask this dog:

  18. If he's wearing a skirt and shaking his pom poms I'm scared...
    Dale Jackson TheDaleJackson Go ALGOP... fight fight fight... break them #alpolitics 5 minutes ago via TweetDeck
    More in the tank radio head gobbledogook

  19. BAR T--

    Thanks for your interesting contributions.

    We found one too just this morning:
    mattmurphyshow @toddcstacy Not being allowed to DM you my email. You gotta follow me, I think. Either way, it's matt@murphyshow.com. Thanks. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck in reply to toddcstacy

    toddcstacy @mattmurphyshow thanks. Found it anyway. And following you. 7 minutes ago via ƜberTwitter in reply to mattmurphyshow

    DM or PM is a private message that is only seen by the senders and you have to follow each other on Twitter to do that. Nice to know that the radio host and the outgoing Gov's press secretary are so entwined.

    Kyle Whitmire has a great collection of tweets in a post: Tweets from Goat Hill

    Look towards the end where it says: "It's all fun and games until the lawyers get involved"

    Appreciate all the participation by everyone and that you are paying attention!


  20. Mr."I don't recall" Mclendon on the Ethics Committee? Check out his court testimony regarding a question about planning the takeover of Gulf Shores' Sunrise Village Condominium complex' Board of Directors. Sunrise Village Homeowners were then sued by --family friend? I don't recall--Charlie Robinson---seems he wanted "the sand" Jim? Ethics? Tell that to the people of Sunrise Village (those who are still alive).


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