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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Jabo Waggoner and I Don't Have a Clue (following "Meet the New Boss" article)

Senator Waggoner has taken a real beating over his controversial hiring of Paul Hamrick and this morning he 'responded' in a radio interview that made everything clear as mud.

Some highlights (and lowlights) of the 'selection process' and Jabo's glaring inability to fully understand what he did when viewed through the sick-and-tired-of-it lens of the people. So much for the "new day in Alabama politics." How long did that last? Two seconds?

Jabo was asked about the decision to hire Hamrick:
"We put out a request for somebody and got 5 or 6 responses back. There was certain criteria we demanded such as they couldn't be a lobbyist or anyone with a conflict with another entity..."
He went on to list some of the potential candidates without names:
A "former president of a newspaper" (that one came later in the interview)
Former Lt. Governor
Pensacola resident (don't we have some developer honcho from there?)
Someone who wanted $10,000 a month (contract was for $5,000)
A lobbyist (big surprise)
Paul Hamrick

Jabo said that he "consulted with Senators Del Marsh, Arthur Orr and Trip Pittman" but the ultimate decision was his. We'd like to know what Pittman was doing in the discussion since he has shown himself to be ethically challenged at best, and capable of willfully working the system for hundreds of thousands of BP money in his pocket at worst.

Is Waggoner the reason the Ethics Commission is hands off with investigating the controversial oil boom contract work by Pittman and Baldwin County Commissioner James?

Jabo plays the blame game and says that "we underestimated the opposition" as if the only outcry came from the left, *which is opposite of the truth, and he says it "couldn't be worse timing coming on the heels of the governor hiring Sparks." First shot officially fired in what will be an escalating blame the Dr. Dr. Bentley game.
*(Paul Hamrick confirmed in an interview that too many republicans had concerns.) 

The senator is right about the number of democrats being hired by these "new republicans." People are very upset about it, but because of that, shouldn't he have known better? The answer is yes, absolutely!

But he's not listening and he just doesn't get it. He tried to pull a fast one and he got slapped for it. Big. Time to send some bags of quarters to his office for clue purchase.

Then he lamented on Hamrick "not being an issue for the last 4 or 5 years" and he "has been working informally for the republicans all that time." We have to wonder how many in the party faithful knew about this and if they did, why are they outraged now? Why haven't they been upset for the last few years? Or, when Jabo says "informally" does that mean no one knew and/or it was fine as long as Hamrick wasn't made public?

This raises more than a few questions for us and we're going to look a little deeper into it later, but the most obvious is how have political loyalties become so blurred?

The last part of his weak defense was just utter nonsense and he knows it was, but folks who don't pay attention, which is most of the voting public, wouldn't catch it:
"Not many people are aware of the heartbeat of Montgomery. It's hard to find a republican purist that has never worked in a democratic campaign. I'm disappointed to start the process over because it's so hard to find somebody."
Translation--it's hard to find somebody that me and my circle of three think will play our version of the game. This whole brouhaha was an inside deal involving some formerly elected officials in the mix, one was Steve French an inside source tells us, that are bending Jabo's ear and are still in the pile, even though they don't have an office on Goat Hill because the people told them "NEXT."

Here's a suggestion Senator Waggoner, tell the washed up has-beens to go home, accept defeat and stay out of the people's business! You've been voted out, so get the hell out of the state house boys. There's no reason for you to be there. It's ridiculous that Jabo even allows this to go on, but it's not at all a surprise.

How's that "new day" looking so far? And just for the record, 'purist' and 'Montgomery' are oxymorons Senator Waggoner.

Waggoner then put out a call on air: "....if anybody knows of someone to let me know." 

Anybody want a job paying $5,000 a month that can help Jabo and the republicans out? 

Requirements are simple:
Ability to lie at the drop of a hat
Listen to only what you are told to listen to--with a tin ear
Parrot propaganda designed to cover the machine and pull the wool over on the folks
Demonstrate a strong ability to be oblivious to criticism on cue
Able to forget your own morals and adopt the ones of those around you

It won't be difficult really, and you'll have lots of tutors on Goat Hill who will be only too eager to help you learn the fine art of helping yourself.

**Update on Riley gifting AG Strange--Bentley asks for $7.9 million back
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  1. I heard that interview on line and spent most of it just shaking my head at what I was hearing. Waggoner is out of it and needs to just go away before he becomes the laughing stock of the senate.
    People are not going to forget what's going on in Montgomery.

  2. You're right, it's clear as mud isn't it?
    Kind of matches what it is.
    I heard the clip too.
    These guys just don't know when to shut up, he didn't do himself any favors.
    Steve French is like a bad penny that just keeps turning up and swirling around the pant legs of Jabo, his good buddy don't you know.

  3. I love his natty little phrases of "heartbeat of Montgomery" and "republican purist."
    He's a myna bird repeating something told to him. Is he auditioning for a commercial of some sort playing in his head?
    I got one for him: people in hell want ice water.

  4. He went off script.
    You can tell someone prepared a statement for him and parts stuck others not so much. I love the little throw in of making nice with the republican women after he really got the girls in snit.
    French has been hanging around trying to remain relevant ever since he lost, that's a wide open secret in Montgomery.

  5. If he really wanted a republican purist them why has he been using Hamrick? Do you become a purist because you swear you've seen the err of your ways after almost going to jail????

  6. Legal Schnauzer is reporting that RickyStokesNews says Bumbling Bentley is asking for the &7.9 million in BP funds Riley handed to Luther Strange to be returned.
    Asking for it in the public eye and getting it back are two different actions. Let's see.
    When is someone going to ask Senator Trip Pittman to return the $635,000?

  7. Max - you have nailed them again - Good Job!!!-------Then he lamented on Hamrick "not being an issue for the last 4 or 5 years" and he "has been working informally for the republicans all that time."

    Yeah, and they all thought the little people would not notice. hahahaha

  8. So elections mean nothing and even if we the people vote you out you still get to keep your "Joe Room" card and play with the republican biog dogs.
    These guys are real pieces of work.

  9. No wonder Marsh defended this hire, he was in on it. That boy has done too much wood running and hog killing to think straight anymore. I don't get the presence of Pittman in this at all. WTF?

  10. Jabo Waggoner...this anachronism is something out of a Star Wars bar scene...Strangely disfigured from the political wars that have given him the "leadership" clout he wields.

    Alabama is the armpit of Dixie, and Jabo is the grease in the stinky crease.

    God, and I am SO glad this walking, talking orifice consulted Trip "Give me your wallet" Pittman--one of the greatest real estate speculators in the history of the shell game.

    I mean, Jabo, I am sure Trip gave you sound advice. He is a good "Alabama Republican" who uses a crisis that killed 11 people to STEAL.

  11. Lookie here...is this the Lt. Gov. to whom Jabo refers?


    Windom's 1998 campaign for Lieutenant Governor was marked by scandal when false allegations involving a prostitute were made against him by supporters of his opponent. Garve Ivey, an Alabama plaintiffs' attorney, was eventually convicted of witness tampering and criminal defamation for conspiring with private investigator Wes Chappell to defame Windom. A former call girl, who had been paid to make false allegations, testified at the trial.[9] Despite the efforts to publicly malign him, Windom was elected.[10]

    Windom gained notoriety in 1999 for discreetly urinating into a jug behind his desk while presiding over the Senate, purportedly to avoid being stripped of most of his powers as presiding officer by the Democratic majority while going to the bathroom.[11]

    Toward the end of his term as Alabama's Lieutenant Governor, Windom ran for governor of the state, but was defeated in the 2002 primary by then-Congressman Bob Riley [12]


    The only other republican Lt. Gov. in the last
    137 years is Ms. Ivey.


  12. Yes indeed. Jabo (The Hut) Waggoner and Tripp the 'Pitts' Pittman - a republican dream team gone awry. My, my. And all right here prior to the next session.

    Monkey town is going to be a lot more fun this year than in the recent (hilarious) past.

  13. I'll take the job if it really means I can help them OUT!

  14. Sounds about right..Star Wars, fantasy, science fiction, strange creatures..yep, must be time for the legislative session to be gearing up.

  15. I remember that behind the desk peeing by Windom!!!
    Just goes to show that if you put a suit on a redneck, it's still a redneck.
    He was even endorsed by the Christian Coalition of Alabama when he ran for place 3.
    You know what I think the problem is? Take a look at some of these guys and listen to them on the floor talking, in their regular voice and manner, not their put on for the press voice, I can't help but think backwoods, inbred ruffians every time.

  16. Now hold on just a damn minute. Voted out means out, go, gone, we don't want you representing us anymore! I can understand former officials still supporting the party, but they don't have any business in new business, and they sure as hell don't need to be wandering around with the leader of the senate!
    Even if he may need a little help getting around at his age. Buy him a walker and get the hanger-ons out!

  17. Jabo has been sitting in the state house from time and memorial, except for that brief stint he had as a lobbyist he avoids conveniently, it's past time for him to go.
    He's Alabama's version of Robert Byrd.

  18. Agreed watcher.
    He leaves off his stint with Scrushy and HealthSouth too. See it anywhere on his official legislative page?
    There's no way he could have been so heavily involved with such a corrupt character if he didn't have some of the same in him too.
    I won't ever believe otherwise.
    Good coverage on this Max.

  19. I heard Trip Pittman has found Jesus with Jabo's help. It's a quid pro quo thing.
    That is why Trip is kept around...to make Jabo look and feel good.

  20. That's interesting GHG. Seems to me that get you some religion son didn't take so well considering Pittman's plundering of over half a million dollars of oil spill money.
    Jabo has himself a great big ol' medicine cabinet in his office filled with a lot of feel good spirits. Wonder if baptizing with holy water is part of the finding Jesus?

  21. Whatever these guys do for the next four years you blind voters who mark the ballots of out sheer loyalty without real examination and following the money will have nothing to cry about.

  22. Pittman is around to make Jabo look good?
    You must be kidding with what Pittman did with the BP funds.
    I just do not understand the climate of reward bad behavior and punish good behavior that exists in Alabama politics. It happens over and over again no matter who's in charge and nothing seems to have any effect on it. Seems like it just gets worse really.

  23. rammerjammer- sounds like Jabo is baptizing with fire water. Sounds about right.

  24. i'myourhuckleberryFebruary 25, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    Eddie Curran "The Governor of Goat Hill"
    For giggles, reporters called him State Sen. Jabo Waggoner,R-HealthSouth, a play on his day job as Richard Scrushy’s vice president for
    public relations. In any event, Waggoner was a conservative Republican from the
    Birmingham area who as I learned upon entering his suite maintains an impressive
    stock of spirits and mixers.

    Is that what the Church of Christ teaches? It's okay to be a teetotaler as long as your behind is on the pew for the obligatory wash all yo' sins away day so you can go commit some mo' during the week?

  25. hahahahaha - LMAO - hahahahaha

  26. With apologies to Jabba...



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