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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dukes of Hazard

Boss Barbour & his apologetic sidekick Roscoe P. Huckabee
The national media often takes jabs at the mental disability and buffoonery of southern politicians who make it too easy for them every time they open their big yaps--this time Mike Huckabee has come to the defense of Barbour's record on race, and it's our turn.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is not known for his racial sensitivities. In fact, just the opposite is true from this Eastland Democrat raised knucklehead.

If he's not rewriting the history of segregation and racial tensions in the south to suit his agenda, he's imprisoning black sisters on a crime of $11.00 for 16 long years, and releasing them (only because of state expense, not racial sensitivity) on the condition that one has to give up a body part to the other to remain free. That's taking a pound of flesh to new lows.

Barbour's pal-ed around with the KKK rooted Council of Conservative Citizens in Mississippi, and when questioned about his involvement with the segregationist group, Boss Barbour commenced to some serious crawfishing about the whole affair. A picture that showed him 'smiling with the segregationists' at a 2005 BBQ, was quickly removed from the CCC site.

They replaced the 'offensive' image with a rebel flag.

That sure did quiet down the whole controversy adequately. Not.

Former Arkansas Governor and (shudder) 2012 republican presidential contender, Huckabee, has decided to be a good ol' bud to Barbour and stand up for him, in a weak attempt to maybe keep Barbour's rapidly diminishing chances at a 2012 run for the (oh so appropriate in this case) White House.

Definition time:  Impeccable--
1. without flaw or error; faultless: an impeccable record
2. rare  incapable of sinning
Here's what Roscoe P. (P. is for puffery) Huckabee had to say about Barbour on his race record in a recent article by TPM:
Mike Huckabee (R-AR), who may also be posturing for a presidential run, said Barbour's record on race issues is "impeccable."
On a conference call today with reporters about his new book, "A Simple Government," Huckabee defended Barbour and even went so far as to describe him as the smartest political mind in America today. "I'm not going to criticize Haley," he said, calling Barbour a friend."I would never be critical of Haley and would not second guess his experiences," he said. 
Ever the faithful sidekick "Huck" also defended Barbour's imprisonment of the sisters.  And for him to claim that Barbour is "the smartest political mind in America today" just confirms how delusional this simpleton is. Do you think these boys have been having conversations over BBQ about who is going with who to the top?

That's what Roscoe and Boss were always after in the TV series wasn't it? Besides those pesky Duke boys...the democrats will become the defacto Dukes.

Folks who watched the TV show "Dukes of Hazard" will remember that the main character, Boss Hogg, loved money and would do anything to get himself more of it. Money equals pow-ah, and a 'y'all better respect me because of it' entitled attitude, along with the self appointment of head boss who gets to tell everyone else to "get yer asses in line." 

We envision that in a Barbour presidency, the White House staff would hear those same words bellowing out of the Oval Office every day, many times a day.

Barbour thinks that his big money lobbying past is a plum to his resume' and it uniquely qualifies him for the position of Big (and we do mean BIG) Boss of us all:
"Let me just make this very plain. I'm a lobbyist, a politician, and a lawyer. You know, the trifecta," Barbour said.
He's so full of nonsense we can't help but make fun of him, but if he did get elected, Dukes of Hazard would take on a whole new meaning, and it wouldn't be anything like the goings on in backwoods Missouri.

On second thought...maybe it would.

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  1. Now that is some seriously funny slappin' 'em around! Come take your pick of the mules.

  2. Mr. Baptist Huckabee must not love all his brothers and sisters either to defend the racist Barbour. Good grief do these idiots think nobody reads anything else besides propaganda dribble from the right?
    I would say you gave them a well-deserved board to their big republican butts and it was funny as hell too!

  3. Damn the mules, come and get yourself a big steak dinner for that ass whuppin'.

  4. If anyone has any doubts about the insanity of putting a southern republican in the WH, Hucakbee defending the insufferable racist from Mississippi should speak volumes.
    The only religion these evil bastards follow is the religion of self and insensitivity. I think to myself they can't possibly get any more stupid, and then I see this kind of crap and say to myself 'oh yes they can, give them five seconds.'

  5. You made me wet myself. I am not happy, but I'm still laughing!!!!!!

  6. Aw hell! The only reason Roscoe ever did anything at all was just to please Ole Boss Hogg. Roscoe was sure enough a brown noser.

    Is that what Roscoe is doing now? Or has he taken 'love your (state) neighbor' a little too far? Arkansas and Mississippi are neighboring states after all.

    Simple explanations never work with these corrupt low life's. Impeccable my ass, who does Huckabee think he's talking at.

    As far as the 2005 BBQ goes, the BBQ is not the issue. It's all that beer they down. Fools that they are. It's not like they are not dumb enough before they drink too much.

    Maybe Huckabee and Barbour have grand plans for the White House. I can see it now. The Dukes of DC. Boss and Roscoe will use the next four years pretending to fight crime and corruption all the while they find new and improved ways to commit crimes through corruption.

  7. Roscoe's best friend, his dog Flash, has to have a place in this scenario...how about an Alabama dawg named Bob Riley?

  8. Sheets and Crosses R Us.
    Amazing that these guys just do not get the seriousness of the slightest hint of being racially insensitive and how it can completely tornado a campaign in seconds.
    It's as if they don't realize there are a lot of other states that vote in national elections.
    Just keep talking you morons.

  9. i'myourhuckleberryFebruary 28, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    Huck's praise is designed to get into Boss Barbour's money bags.

  10. Huckleberry, you're on to something with that most assuredly. Politics Daily just put up an interesting article about these two southern gents and how one is the Old South and the other is the Emerging South:

    Barbour brings something much more powerful to the table. His years of political wheeling and dealing and moneyed contacts are legendary -- a plus in a crowded primary where money will make or break a candidate.

    If Huckabee and Barbour choose to run, their campaigns will be a contrast of two Souths -- the emerging one of self-made success with church at its center and the fading glory of the old Confederacy with legacy and ancestry at its core.

    A Tale of Two Souths

    I don't think it is that simple, because Huckabee won't stand a chance without Barbour's deep pocket donors and if they decide to join forces, which is a possibility, is Huckabee going to be the Barbour history leveler?

    Barbour is much too egotistical to hand over a chance at the presidency to anyone. This should be interesting to watch.

  11. Personally, I don't see a whit of difference between two extremes.
    You could call it it old and emerging, but it's still archaic southern thinking and not what we need in the 21st century by a long shot.
    We didn't need it in the 19th or 20th century either.

  12. I never thought I would hear myself say this, but maybe it's time for a more neutral on religion political choice. Bible thumps scare me as much as total non-believers. Huckabee is definitely in the former category, and even worse he's a staunch Southern Baptist.
    Way too extreme.

  13. I laughed till I cried!!!!
    Good one Max~!

  14. Too funny!!!! You've a sharp wit Confidential.


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