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Friday, May 27, 2011

Get Your Motor Running Mr. Riley

Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley subpoenaed to testify in bingo gambling trial.

Attorneys for VictoryLand owner and bingo trial defendant Milton McGregor have slapped Riley with a subpoena to testify in the case and Riley is having none of it, instructing his state lawyers (AG Luther Strange's office) to "move quickly" to quash the subpoena.

Despite the gestapo actions of the former 'Teflon Don of Alabama' who rallied hundreds of state troopers on more than one occasion to raid McGregor's former gambling joint, claiming the bingo machines violated state law, Riley claims he has nothing to add to the ongoing legal proceedings:
"Riley does not believe that he has any personal knowledge concerning the alleged acts made the basis of the Indictment, nor any other personal knowledge of facts that are admissible or relevant to the trial of this case," a lawyer for the former governor wrote in a motion seeking to quash the subpoena.
Mr. Riley has lot to hide in that over-sized closet of his and it would suit him just fine to get on his motorcycle, with his former anti-gambling task force head John Tyson riding sidebar, and get the hell out Dodge sooner rather than later.

Crafty attorneys can ask many a damning question when they have a victim on the stand. Riley is keenly aware of this. McGregor has a Paul Bunyan sized axe to grind with Riley and he's out for his head any way he can get it.

'Uncle Miltie' as he is called in certain circles, seeks to keep Riley on the short chain by requesting a 'short notice to testify' in the subpoena. Predictably, the former governator is resisting that requirement and responded with one of his own if the subpoena stands:
"Instead, Riley requests that he be placed on call and allowed a reasonable time (e.g., 5 days) to return from wherever he may be en route to or from Alaska should his testimony be needed," the motion states.
Five days is time a plenty to wander into any number of scenarios that would delay Mr. Riley from testifying. 

Like maybe getting lost in the wilderness, meeting up with some fast flowing rapids or a chance encounter with a bear or two during his 'Alaska or bust' motorcycle adventure.

Any of those possibles might be kinder to Riley than what McGregor and his attorneys have in mind. Rarely do we see a situation that has a possible win win on both sides.

This one just might.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Governor Riley Motion to Quash
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  1. I vote for the bears.

  2. Oh boy is this going to good!!!!!!!

  3. Could not have happened to more deserving crook!

  4. Chickens meet roost.

  5. Riley thinks he is above the laws of Alabama. All bow to the king of $12.3 million dollars in Choctaw gambling payoffs. He owes his political hide to gambling money but he wants to beat his chest and bible and pretend he is a moral religious upright republican.
    He has numerous ties to Matrix and Swatek who had gambling businesses as clients for chrissakes!
    Then there's that little issue of Scanlon and Jack Abramoff that he tried to feign I don't know where the money came from innocence on. Sure you didn't Bob!
    This guy is a slimeball and deserves to be behind bars! I hope they filet his butt on the stand!

  6. You've got to know when to fold'em and when to hold 'em.....

  7. Judge Myron Thompson will probably run interference for Bobbo and allow the quash.

  8. Remember Bob Martin's story on the $7.9 million Riley gave AG Strange's office in his last few days as governor? Starting to make sense why now?
    Strange and Riley wouldn't tell the truth if their mother's soul depended on it!

  9. "The Supreme Court has indicated that the practice of calling high officials as witnesses should be discouraged."

    That didn't stop Barack Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel from being compelled to testify in the Rob Blagoveich corruption retrial case.

    Luther's reaching and trying to avoid the risk of perjury that would apply if Riley has to testify.

  10. Who knew when Riley asked Strange "to protect his children" he was talking about himself.

  11. Could this finally be a step in the right direction of taking down the man who justice has denied for years?
    God I hope so!

  12. Old man McGregor has finally caught Robert rabbit in the garden.
    Best news I have heard in years!!!!!
    Too bad the state will spend millions defending the bastard.

  13. Where's he running off to? The arms of Sarah? Todd may have a thing or two to say about that.

  14. i'myourhuckleberryMay 27, 2011 at 2:22 PM

    I just bet a cape that costs 7 mill is capable of allowing the wearer flight.
    It's a plane!
    It's a bird!
    No, it's Super Lobbyist Luther to the rescue!

  15. How could Riley possibly claim he has nothing to add to the case? He had such a hard on for McGregor you would think anything he could do to help speed his trip to jail would be irresistible.
    But he resists, no, make that fights like hell the subpoena?
    Guess that perjury risk is just too scary for the former tough on crime as long as it isn't mine Riley.

  16. "Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give in this case is the truth, the whole truth so help you God?"

    Bob Riley--"On the advice of counsel I exercise my 5th Amendment right and refuse to answer that question."

  17. I vote for the swift moving rapids myself although Old Man McGregor and his garden hoe of a legal maneuver would be highly entertaining.

  18. I am enjoying this waaaay too much!

  19. Pre-trip check list

    Pocket full of ill gotten gain--check
    Non stick spray--check
    Luther's lucky rabbit's foot--check
    Resume for Sarah---check

    Okay Johnny boy that about does it, y'ready?

  20. The Daily Journal has an entry through Phillip Rawls AP that seems to shed some more light on why Riley is claiming he cannot be available to the court:
    Riley's attorney, Michael Pennington, argues in court papers that the subpoena from McGregor's lawyers should be blocked.

    Pennington said Riley announced months ago that he planned to take a cross-country motorcycle trip to Alaska after retiring as governor. He said Riley has already spent thousands preparing for the trip, which is to begin in June and end in July.

    "And this trip cannot easily be rescheduled — these areas of Alaska can only be accessed by motorcycle during certain summer months," he wrote.

    "Thousands spent in preparation spent for the trip." Who's buying that excuse?

    "...areas of Alaska can only be accessed during the summer months." To hell with justice let's make sure to not inconvenience the former Governor.

    What complete and utter nonsense. If this was the favored target of the state media, a democrat, there would be a ripping sound from here to Alaska.

  21. This just burns me up...he's no longer governor and here we go spending state funds to protect the no good sob. No doubt the legislature has put something in place that addresses this and helps out Riley.
    Sick sick sick of this man!

  22. Let's not cause Mr. Reagan in his mind any inconvenience???? Are you f'ing kidding me??? How about the inconvenience of no longer having a JOB like the thousands of people he highhandedly put out of work with his Riley's Raiders crap!! They would draw and quarter this boob if they heard him offer this excuse!! He's got a real nerve!!

  23. Indeed!
    Doesn't add anything to the defense that his disciples seem intent on despite the mountain of questionable activity during the Riley tenure.
    In fact, it hurts him more than anything and makes him appear self-absorbed and spolied. Par usual.

  24. Alright then how about he provides an accounting of what he has spent thousands on for the trip instead of just claiming it on the grounds of inconvenience?
    He's such a clown.

  25. FUN WITH BOB AND JOHN a first reader

    See Bob run.
    Bob likes to run.
    Bob likes his motorcycle.
    Bob does not like questions.
    Bob and John like to run.
    They run way off.
    John really likes Bob.
    John doesn't like questions either.
    See Bob and John run.
    See the big bear.
    The bear likes Bob and John.
    Goodbye Bob and John.

  26. That's funnier than a pig in Mr. Bubble!

  27. Bones made mine shake and rattle and roll with that very smart ass and way too damn funny version of Dick and Jane! hahahaha!!!!!

  28. Article in today's HTimes on another Riley getaway from scrutiny. Remember the Paragon no-bid contract scandal that he got away scott free on?

    Paragon Contract

    The committee subpoenaed Janet Lauderdale, CEO of Paragon Source, but she refused to appear. The committee sought the names, addresses, job descriptions, salaries of people and subcontractors hired by Paragon since 2007, but the Riley administration blocked the committee by going to court.
    Riley spent thousands of dollars on legal fees to blunt the committee's efforts to get details on the contract and to fly around the state to meet with newspaper editorial boards to defend the contract.
    Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, who was chair of the Contract Review Committee, said Friday taxpayers are entitled to know what happened to the money Paragon Source received.
    Sen. Quinton Ross, D-Montgomery, also a former committee member, said the committee "never could find the subcontractors."

    This guy is so dirty but he just keeps getting away with it and some people are actually gullible enough to defend him.
    There's a sucker born every minute.

  29. R's and Tea Party crowd will never turn on their own. Even if that means following a corrupt politician straight off a cliff and onto the rocks below.
    Riley supporters line up behind him as if he was the second coming. It's disgusting.

  30. How about we remake the old classic and call it "Mr. Riley Goes To Jail"

  31. Two Words: ROGUE TRIP!


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