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Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Nothing But Rascals and Scoundrels"

There once lived a Greek philosopher, Diogenes of Sinope, who is known, among other things, to have walked around in the daylight with a lantern. When asked what he was doing, he replied, "Looking for an honest man, yet finding nothing but rascals and scoundrels"

Diogenes never took a walk up a Dexter Avenue to Goat Hill, but if he had he would have found that modern day evidence abounds in Alabama for his famous quip.

On the legislative pay raise--The newly elected republicans refuse to even debate repealing or maybe just decreasing the raise commensurate with the 15% proration of the state general fund, especially if it is brought forth by a democrat. Rep Alvin Holmes-D attempts to put a resolution forward in the big goat house were shouted down by the members “NO” and Speaker 'Rileyite' Mike Hubbard said “there was not enough support to call for a vote to bring it up out of order.”

When the pay increase was passed by the democrat majority in 2007, the republican minority had plenty of criticism for it, some even ran their campaigns on the issue, but as the cries of outrage emanate from the public in 2011 to roll it back grow louder, all we hear from the “new day” republicans is crickets.  

A few of them would like you to forget they voted for it too.

They've chosen to give up only a pittance by turning down the much lesser pay increase of the $792.00 per annual cost of living increase (COLA) in a weak attempt to quiet the outrage of Alabamians. It's not working, but they're not listening
"Handshake with Alabama" or Shakedown Alabama?

On the departure of Michael Ciamarra from Dr. Hunt’s administration--After three short months Michael Ciamarra has abruptly resigned as the governor’s policy director. The standard non-answer of resigning to pursue “other opportunities” followed closely on the heels of his rapid departure. Rumors aplenty abound as to why--forced out due to incompetence, not enough policy work being done, disagreements over corporate tax loopholes, etc.

Maybe Mr. Ciamarra took one look into the future of this inept administration and decided to get while the getting was good. Indicators of Riley political landmines for the new administration are more than a little obvious and there will be future casualties piling up in the "good", but not so bright, Dr. Dr. Bentley’s tenure.

On piling up bills for fast passage--Sources in the state house tell us that Senator Scott Beason has pulled together 35 bills in a grouping for vote passage in a rush rush hurry up and pass it before we get any more blowback on it move. The senator from Gardendale gives off an arrogant and entitled air when he speaks in the media and we fail to see any positives in his political bravado thus far.

On Dr. Dr. Bentley’s “double dippers”--The media has been suspiciously quiet on the story of John Cooper (ALDOT), Judge Chuck Malone and R. Cooper Shattuck enjoying the benefit of their friendliness with Bentley by receiving double salaries.

Initial reports have not been followed up on and the excuse by the administration of we have to pay more to get the “best and brightest” while we cut everybody else’s pay to the bone and lay folks off has been accepted by the press. Hands off any more reporting or hard questions on the matter.

On the $7.3 million dollar theft indictment of former Riley appointee "Sir William" Campbell, Jr.-- Press sources tell us that there is nothing more to report on this huge story until Campbell "pleads guilty" which he has no intentions of doing, and "a trial begins." That will take a long time to occur and allow the story to fade from the public's minds.

If this had been a democrat and involved issues of illegal gambling, how many follow up stories do you think there would be on the matter? We know the answer to that one already don't we? Certain people are being protected and the deliberate hush hush by the media enables the cover up.

"Today in Alabama we have enacted ethics reforms that are tougher than any other state in the nation..."--Governor Bob Riley December 2010.

When the republicans swept into their Alabama offices amid chants of “A new day in Alabama politics” what it really amounted to was political doublespeak and the dishonesty of do as I say, not as I do.

Diogenes may perhaps find an honest politician or two in the current political landscape if he were to look especially thoroughly for one. Just tell him to not wave his lantern of truth anywhere near Goat Hill.

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  1. On Inauguration Day when Bentley arrived to be sworn in by way of a 19th century four passenger "country Dr." buggy, I think that said a lot.
    The past has arrived again and with it all the baggage of archaic thinking rode shotgun.

  2. The fact we have no one in the statehouse performing a reality check on the state of the State, the declining economy, the increase in pay to themselves, the excuses for double dipping (as if the manner in which the Governor does it makes it RIGHT) and the MSM cherry picking what they want the public to believe is the important news, it all looks like the same-same to me. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is not a nickel's worth of difference in the Democrats and the Republicans. There are two sides for the little people to have what they call a choice. You may only chose one (or the other) and the powers that be refer to this as democracy in action. Choose worse or more worse, on any given day, who knows what they are capable of? Despicable group that they are.

    And as far as Sir William - and the case of the Lil Sisters, I agree. As soon as the dust settles and people move on to the next thing, time will produce a miracle for this case.

    You all know what I think about them. They are a pathetic bunch of losers and I'm hoping this session of the legislature will not produce too much damage.

    And yes, Mr. Ciamarra must be breathing a sigh of relief just about now. His departure looks like a sign of no confidence (among other things).

  3. Rep. Holmes was requesting that the legislative pay raise fall under the same 15% proration as the states general fund.
    I guess that just made way too much sense coming from a democrat for the republican majority to deal with. Incidentally, Holmes voted against the pay raise in 2007.

  4. The only policy I see so far is more of the have mosts dictating to the have nots.

  5. Tweet:

    Motion to suspend rules doesn't pass. Pay-cut resolution goes to Rules Committee. Very loud voice vote against this proposal. #alpolitics 8:26 AM Apr 7th via TweetDeck

    "Very loud voice against...."

    I just bet there was.

  6. Riley has been uncharacteristically quiet as of late hasn't he?
    Did he run off to Alaska already and meet up with a bear or something?

  7. i'myourhuckleberryApril 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    Remember this little Wire Boy Beason wordsmithing of do as I say not as I do?

    "Well, now you know we had to go out and actively recruit good conservative candidates to run and most of them put pencil to paper to see if they could. You know they were businessmen who were making a certain amount of money and they had to decide if they could serve in the legislature without a cut in pay or having to hire additional employees to run their businesses. So for us to cut their pay….but we are looking at being bound by the same proration Governor Bentley issues to the General Fund.

    Liar, liar pants on fire-uh!

    Bet Beason is ticked that one of your entries is under his name on OpemBama.org

    Ha! Fourth one down:

    Details for Senator Scott beason

  8. Diogenes would be accused of being a stark raving democratic lunatic and promptly whisked away to an unknown location by the Goat Hillians.

  9. Even worse Baxter, they would declare him an illegal.

  10. The a list is looking more like the f list.

  11. The biggest problem with the Alabama government is way too many of them are lawyers, i.e. professional liars.
    The rest of them are just spineless.
    That leaves us with nothing redeemable.

  12. The press should be on the Campbell story like white on rice! And you're right Max, if it were a democrat or gambling boss they sure as hell would be!

  13. So if I want to steal millions of the state funds and cavort with loose ladies, Alabama is the place to come and find a useful idiot position on the state dime right?

  14. "I think the issue is over."--Senator Scott Beason on repealing the legislative pay raise April 11, 2011

    He is a tone deaf blowhard and not listening to the citizens of the state that do not think it is over by a long-shot.

  15. JACKSON---

    Thanks for that. We heard it too and it deserves a smack-down.

    See today's post.



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