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Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Pick a Fight With John Achibald of the Birmingham News

Arch has a mighty sword of a pen and he isn't afraid to use it.

In today's edition of the Archiblog, a devilish plan to oust John and control the flow of news was revealed that reads like a Matrix Group and/or Bradley scheme. John did not say who was behind it, but he gave us enough clues to start looking for ink-stained hands from the usual suspects who relish this type of subterfuge.

This kind of bullying goes on more often than not every day in Alabama, and it's refreshing to have someone as credible as Arch come out with it and expose the scheme for all to see.

John's one of those brave new frontier types who goes where others fear to tread, and we imagine there area lot of sore toes and heads that just want him to shut up and go away. In fact, that was exactly their plan, but they didn't think it through and Arch has revealed the plot in print.

Bravo John!

They want me fired.

Perhaps they're right.

These anonymous people, these people who want me fired, dug deep into my past and set up a website to post their findings. They've gone door to door in mostly black Birmingham neighborhoods, leaving fliers that portray me as a liar and racist.

They've blasted emails of my inadequacies to co-workers and others on my contact list. They follow my children on Twitter.

Who are they? These anonymous people?

I knew they were coming. We at The News have known they were coming for weeks because a highly personal, highly technical plan was leaked to us in February. I can't now prove its origin or claim it as solid proof.

But it did outline a plan for trying to discredit the paper -- and me specifically -- as a way to please a client or clients. And while I can't say for sure who wrote it, I know now that steps it outlined have come to pass.f I am to continue to do what I do best: to look in the shadows your public officials and corporate titans don't want anyone to see; to tell you what's there without compromise, regardless of party, race or economic status.

......It's important now, more than ever. Because a war is being waged. It's a war not against The News, but against the news. A well-funded, well-equipped campaign against the free flow of information is being carried out by faceless people who want to tell you what is true or false based on their clients' interests and willingness to pay.

When the current publisher of the Birmingham News, the-way-too-young-to-really-know-anything Pam Siddall arrived at the paper, lots of shake ups happened right away. They weren't positive unless you were a corporate client or one of the robber baron business groups who is constantly after hand outs and ridiculous ideas that the city cannot possibly afford.

Like a super sewer that turned into a giant black hole of monetary waste. Pun intended.

But they keep right on making deal after deal with the devil.

We are talking about a city that is on the verge of bankruptcy in one of the biggest financial debacles since Bell, California, and whose former Mayor, friendly to these bands of thieves, is cooling his corrupt heels in a federal penitentiary.

Birmingham is a city on the rocks whose future is uncertain of anything but more uncertainty. And corrupt deals. And more corrupt politicians who bow down to these masters of disaster. It's an addiction they won't seek rehab for.

John has gone after some these issues and players in an attempt to shine the light on their agenda and this is what he gets in return? A Joe Perkins style hit job?

This is what Alabama knows how to do better than anything else--fight dirty and make it real personal.

The politics of personal destruction is a sport to these evil men.

We support John Archibald and hope that in the end he prevails and this will not be the end of his truth. 

Because his truth is what we all need to know.

So Say We the Opinion Board of the Vincent Alabama Confidential

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  1. This is quite disturbing to read.
    I for one would like to know what Ms. Siddall's position is on this.
    Is she going to stand by Archibald or the business group who threw a welcome to our town party for her?

  2. Of course they want to shut him up...he's a rare animal who tells the truth and blows the whistle.
    I wish we had a bushel full of Archibalds.
    We all would be a helluva lot better off.
    The state would be better off I dare say.
    You have my support Arch!!!

  3. Kathryn Bouma was a great reporter, what happened to her?
    They ran her off.
    A friend of mine knows her and she's not happy with what happened to her thanks to the Birmingham News.
    The No News has run off a lot of good people.
    Is Archibald next?
    God, I hope not.
    The men behind this are in a serious push to silence all switch flickers and that says a lot in and of itself doesn't it?

  4. Classic Matrix Group SOP.

  5. This state is in need of true investigative reporters as Archibald. So many media outlets refuse to print the truth of the corruption within our state. Scared of having their world crumble right before their eyes so they give in to the machines and the dirty politicians of Alabama.

  6. I wish I could do something to help.
    I don't always agree with Arch, but he says it like it is and he's to be commended for that.
    Pretty doggone funny the way he does it too.
    This is terrible that they would stoop to following his kids Twitter accounts, smear him in a racial way in what is the place of racial strife and try to publicly humiliate him.
    I think he should have hit back harder than he did.
    Who cares what he did in college?
    Who's business is it what his personal finances are?
    I hope this is a story that is just beginning and we hear more from Arch on this fiendish plot.

  7. When in doubt throw the race card out.
    Birmingham is full of chip on their shoulder losers who keep electing the crooks to serve office.
    Wasn't there a protest of some sorts in downtown B'ham against Archibald? Who whipped that little ditty up?
    Birmingham is a lost cause with the crooks in charge and Ms. Siddall was installed in her position for a reason.
    Control the press--control the message.
    This is just sickening to watch.

  8. I forgot about the bankruptcy is weak.
    No one forgets that.
    Still, it isn't reason to hang the man.

  9. Archibald has given us some of the most revealing information from a mainstream press outlet.
    And as much as bloggers are derided, if it weren't for their efforts, many shenanigans would never see the light of day.
    The truth should never be suppressed, neither should the tellers of that those truths.

  10. He needs to name names.

  11. I'm with you Baxter--expose the bastards!
    This is dirty pool and typical of the usual hit-men.
    Archibald has rattled their bones and now they want his head.
    Stand tough John.

  12. It takes a real slimeball to try and get at a man through his kids.
    Same goes for whipping up racial tensions.
    If JA finds out who is behind this I hope he goes after them full throttle by legal means.
    This is just sick.

  13. What sorry SOBS and cowards the faceless ones are.
    Names, John, give us NAMES!

  14. Word is circulating that a certain former radio host in Birmingham, and former employee in Langford's office might have had a little something to do with the fliers in the neighborhoods.
    The "plan" came from someone a bit sharper than that.
    This is getting a bit more interesting as it goes along.

  15. No Quarry in VincentApril 2, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    The "They" in Archibald's story is likely the BARD group and the soulless guys the employ to play their dirty games.

  16. Which "men of faith" in downtown Birmingham churches are in on this?
    The way you mobilize the black community in Birmingham is through the churches.
    Doesn't sound like Christian like behavior to me.
    And don't call me a racist because I would say exactly the same thing about white community bad actions.
    Religion has become a tool in Alabama to be misused and corrupted for certain greedy men's interests.

  17. One of my other frequently read sites, Legal Schnauzer, is delighting in John's misfortune.

    I don't understand why and he has sunk to new lows by smearing Archibald so mercilessly.


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