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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brute Force Unchecked--84 Year-Old Man Beaten by Fairhope, Alabama Police Officer

*Updated--Thursday pm--We're hearing from more than a few sources that Officer Scott and Kevin Stokes "were calling each other by their first names" during the incident.
* Second update May 25th--Fairhope PD claims "no abuse, interference by Henderson"
Thug on the loose Officer Trent Scott (center) flanked by FPD Chief Dr. Bill Press (R) and Gary Glover (L) Chairman of the Citizen Advisory Committee, who dressed up for the occasion.

The Courthouse News Service reports on the incredible story of an elderly citizen who called the Fairhope Police after an accident occurred near his home in May of 2009. The driver of the car was "severely intoxicated," and the local citizen caller, Mr. Dorsey Henderson, who's now the epitome of no good deed goes unpunished, made the 911 call in an attempt to do what he believed was his civic duty.

What happened next is shocking and unbelievable to imagine, but it's what happens regularly in one form or another in this state that's rapidly become the poster child of bad behavior in every faction of its public and governmental agencies.
When Officer Trent Scott arrived on the scene, Henderson attempted to inform him of the driver's belligerent behavior and that the driver had been placed under citizens arrest. The officer allegedly told Henderson there was "no such thing as citizen's arrest in Alabama," and to "get out of the way, old man."

After Henderson tried to explain that he was only trying to help, Officer Scott placed him in an arm bar and slammed him face first into the ground, breaking his nose and eyeglasses. Henderson's wife, Dorris, watched from a wheelchair at the front window of her house, telling a 911 dispatcher that the officer was "beating the hell out of my husband."
We've not seen any prominent state media coverage of the story, but now that the Courthouse News Service and Raw Story have run with it, after the filing of a lawsuit in the case, this will be added as another piece of garbage to the ever growing pile of stench that Alabama seems to be hell-bent on becoming.

It's interesting to note that the rogue officer received an award for Officer of the Month in December 2010 from the FPD after this incident occurred. Alabama has this dysfunctional reward system for bad behavior that is unparalleled and unrivaled in any other state. One might say it's "world-class."

Additionally, a commenter to the Raw Story coverage states that they made a call to the FPD and were met with an acerbic and "nasty militant yell over you type" FPD employee who continued the denial line of Officer Scott that the victim "wasn't really hurt."

A "broken nose, torn rotator cuff and multiple contusions and lacerations" apparently don't fit the FPD's definition of injuries, and furthermore, if you beat up an elderly man, who committed NO CRIME, in front of his wife, not only are you not held accountable, you might even get official recognition for your 'outstanding service and devotion' to your job.

That 2010 award was based on his "determination and persistence in a drug investigation" because rooting out illegal drugs, democrats and gambling will elevate your position and pay faster than a rocket ship strapped to your behind bound for the moon in Alabama's way of promotion.

Nice to know we have our 19th century priorities all straight and continue to "move forward to being a world-class state" isn't it?

If you would like to have a go at the FPD here's your number: (251) 928-2385

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  1. Good Gawd!!!
    What the hell is going on down in the formerly sleepy little beach-town that Kant?
    Oh, that's right, there's one of your biggest problems, Mayor Tim Kant!
    I hope they get raked over the coals in the national media on this!! It's well deserved.

  2. The story says he still has a job.
    I bet if they do anything, it will be administrative leave, with pay or some BS like that.
    Hmmm...I wonder who was the drunk and why was he being defended in the most perverse fashion imaginable by having the witness to the accident beat down? That's what I take away form this. Anybody else see something suspicious?
    Something is very wrong on another level with this whole thing.

  3. Unbelievable....

  4. Max, you are exactly right about why this crap goes on. It is openly encouraged and not only that, it pays off to be a thug in the criminal state of Dixieruption.
    Why would anybody want to live here with the hell hole we have become? Because some of us are stuck for now, but I'll bet you one thing, when the economy gets better, plenty will abandon this field of waste for greener and more progressive pastures.
    I have grown to hate this state with a passion.

  5. "because rooting out illegal drugs, democrats and gambling will elevate your position and pay faster than a rocket ship strapped to your behind in Alabama."
    I love that!
    And it is so true!
    What a POS still on the job and 'protecting and serving' the fair citizens of NoHope, Alabama.

  6. Which savvy news outlet is going to get to the 911 tapes first?
    10 to 1 it won't be a state organization.
    Should we start a betting pool?

  7. It's outrageous that this was COVERUP UP BY THE FAIRHOPE PD!!!!
    Isn't that a form of aiding and abetting crime too??

  8. Some lunatics on the right will come put and defend this soon enough and call it an isolated incident and gloat about how wonderful police officers are, etc etc..
    No it's not, it is symbolic of what goes on every day in America and why there has to be strict protocols in place to vet police officers properly.

  9. What took so long for this to come out?
    Wikipedia has it on their site and it was there before now:
    On May 5, 2009, An elderly resident of Fairhope was severely beaten by Police Officer Trent Scott after attempting to inform the officer of a Drunk Driving incident. The Police officer then sent away an ambulance that had arrived to help the 84 year old victim. The Fairhope Police department has never sanctioned or suspended the officer for his actions.
    This doesn't make any sense....somebody went to a lot of trouble to keep this quiet.

  10. BAXTER--

    You bring up a good point.

    A quick check of Al.com Fairhope Crime Reports for the week of May 4-11 2009 lists only one on May 9, 2009, the date of the beating:

    May 9, Kevin Lee Stokes, 32, of Foley was arrested on a warrant for public intoxication. The arrest occurred in the 100 block of North Section Street.

    There is a lot more to this that has yet to come out and you can bet the continued cover-up has now gone into overdrive.


  11. Kevin Lee Stokes:

    Age 29--Driving while revoked

    Age 30--Attempting to elude, driving while revoked (again)

    Age 32--Assault 3rd, fishing w/o license, detainer for hold, reckless driving

    All in the Baldwin County court system.


  12. My oh my what a stellar example of an upright citizen Mr. Stokes is.
    So who is he related to that has pull?

  13. Let's see if I have this right, young cop who is obviously an ageist "get out of the way old man" beats up an elderly citizen, who's just trying to do the right thing, meanwhile a young, DRUNK, who causes the whole ordeal by wrecking his automobile, thug with previous arrests gets treated with kid gloves?

    This is screaming one of two things, and maybe a combination of both:
    1. Total stupidity by the police officer
    2. Protection of a friend or someone related to the real criminal, Mr. Stokes

    The ensuing coverup and/or inaction by the Fairhope Police Department leads one to believe there is something to hide-or-they are all moronic beyond comprehension themselves.

    Any way you look at it, it's all bad and quite worthy of vigorous legal action.

  14. I called and got an unbelievably bad attitude, which I expected, and made it a point to stay calm.
    They don't give a damn and think this is just s bunch of meddling into department affairs.
    I suggest everyone continue to ring their phone off the hook.
    What bastards!

  15. Alabama--giving police state a new meaning all the time.

  16. I am still waiting for the state media to do a story on this. It's all over the Internet and I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the evening talk shows.
    There is no fathomable excuse for this egregious brutality and making it even worse by hiding it behind the blue wall of secrecy.

  17. With the joke that is Alabama's legal system it's doubtful any real justice will come from this, but I hope that all involved get their arses sued off!
    There is NEVER an excuse to use this kind of force against an elderly citizen who committed no crime!


  19. You know you all are giving Crazy in Alabama a whole new meaning......

  20. There was a story in the Decatur Daily about another 84 y/o man who was attacking police and his caregiver in April of this year and all they did to him was subdue him with a taser.
    Where does this goon in Fairhope get off with what he did to an old man who was not violent?????

  21. Most EMS systems are required to maintain records of their transports.
    That would be interesting to pursue.

  22. I don't believe for a minute this is a rogue cop or an isolated incident.
    Fire the bastard and investigate the entire department!
    This kind of behavior should be dealt with immediately and harshly, but what happened? The "superior officer" did nothing to root out this loose cannon of an officer and the department acts defensively and claims "he wasn't hurt that bad." They made excuses for him and covered it up!
    This is not only learned behavior, but indicative of a frightening attitude that exists in that farce of a police department!

  23. The latest is they are trying to settle the case and true to form lawyers will praise the wrongdoers when a settlement is in the air:

    “I have been actively involved in negotiating a settlement with (the city’s insurance company), and we’re attempting to resolve the case,” said Keith Landers, the Daphne attorney representing plaintiffs Dorsey and Dorris Henderson. “The city of Fairhope has treated the case respectfully and professionally.”

    Too bad they didn't treat Dorsey "respectfully and professionally" in the first place.
    I think at this point the department wants the story to quickly become a non-story.
    Too bad.
    There is a greater good that could come from added attention.

  24. This whole incident is still ALLEGED to have happened as stated in the complaint, what ever happened to the presumption of innocence till proven guilty in a court of law?

    If, in fact, it went down as the Hendersons stated then the cop is a menace to society and should be treated as such but, that is to be decided in a court of law, NOT in a public forum.

    Most of you already have the cop DRAWN AND QUARTERED, how are you going to feel if the charged brutality is proven not to be the case?

    All of this being said, why in HELL has it taken this long to come to court???

  25. What's your dog in the fight Mr. Oliver?

    And who is supplying your Milk Bones?

  26. Mr. Oliver, "drawing and quartering" a rogue cop with words is far less serious than what Officer Scott did to that elderly man.

    Are you too an ageist and of the belief that a badge gives you Carte Blanche to behave in whatever manner you feel is necessary with no regard to prudence?

    How would you suggest elderly citizens, who are not guilty of a crime, or violent, be treated?

    Do you support the brutality visited upon Mr. Henderson in favor of the officer's total lack of rational judgement?

  27. someone please find this officer using the picture above and BRING HIM TO JUSTICE

  28. After I heard this appalling account of public injustice, I called the police dept. and asked to speak to the officer in charge. I was transfered to his voice mail and left an impassioned message as well as my phone number but never heard back.

    I can't imagine how horrified Mr. Henderson's wife was while watching that awful scene as her husband tried to do a civic duty.


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